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In its May/June, 2009 editions, California Bar Journal is reporting the following million dollar plus verdicts against California employers:

  • $2,812,000.00 verdict against Toyota Motor Corporation, resulting from the unlawful termination of a Chinese woman due to pregnancy, maternity leave and ethnicity (Sun v. Toyota Motor Corp., Los Angeles County Superior Court);
  • $1,200,000.00 verdict against the City of Newport Beach for unlawful retaliation against a Newport Beach Police Officer, who reportedly was discriminated against for reporting alleged misdeeds of fellow officers and for a perception that the officer was a homosexual (Harvey v. City of Newport Beach, Orange County  Superior Court);
  • $17,500,000.00 verdict awarded to a former RV salesman, at least in part for reportedly unpaid commissions, following his termination (Trealoff v. Forest River, In., San Bernardino County Superior Court).
  • $11,441,559.00 verdict awarded to a physician, allegedly resulting from a wrongful termination. (Martinucci v. Southern California Permanente Medical Group, Los Angeles County Superior Court).

These are the ultimate, negative outcomes that every employer absolutely wants to avoid.  A pro-active approach to resolution of labor and employment relations disputes is essential if you wish to eliminate these disputes at the earliest opportunity.   At your request, I am ready to review any labor and employment issues which may be of concern to you and discuss how I might best assist and support your Company.

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