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Preventing Union Organizing Activity

CE Smith Labor Law has years of experience protecting employers from the union organizing activities of their employees. The best measure employers can take in union prevention is by maintaining fair and consistent working conditions, open communication between upper management and employees, as well as a constant improvement of the working environment. Consider asking yourself the following questions:

  • Are you seeing evidence of union organizing activity?
  • Can you recognize the signs that indicate that your employees may intend to unionize?
  • Is your management team trained to lawfully oppose unionization of your workforce/company?
  • Will you be able to defend your company if unfair labor practice charges are filed by your employees or even by the union with a Regional Office of the National Labor Relations Board?
  • A union threatens your organization with a loss of control over the direction and management of your company as they seek to unionize your employees for the union’s own financial gain.

When union organizing activity becomes evident, many employers feel that they have been attacked without provocation. To successfully prevent the formation of a union, you must lawfully exercise your rights. To do this, CESmith Law Firm provides:

  • Preservation and safeguarding of your union-free workplace with top-down training on union avoidance.
  • Experienced political and legal representation of your company’s interests in all aspects of election campaigns, including appearances before the Labor Board.
  • Representation and support during all phases of collective bargaining.
  • Defense of unfair labor practice charges.