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Defense of Employment Discrimination & Harassment Lawsuits in State & Federal Court

An employer’s financial exposure can be significant in a lawsuit for employment discrimination or harassment, which often includes substantial claims for punitive damages and attorneys fees. Claims of employee harassment can also result in individual liability for members of your executive staff, your management team and your employees.

These employment discrimination claims require a vigorous and thorough defense. CE Smith Law Firm represents California employers and their management team against claims of discrimination, harassment and retaliation brought in either California’s Superior Court or Federal Court under the Fair Employment Housing Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and similar federal and California laws.

Defense of Charges with State & Federal Agencies

With far greater resources at the government’s disposal, a governmental investigation can be extremely intrusive and intimidating for any employer. CE Smith Law Firm will protect your rights, defend your business and your management team against charges filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, California’s Fair Employment & Housing Commission, and similar Federal and State Agencies.

Mediation – Alternative Dispute Resolution

At your request, we can explore cost-effective alternatives to defense of litigation in state or federal court, such as mediation or arbitration of disputes. Contact my office to determine if this is a viable option for the resolution of your case.

Strategic Guidance

Clients contact my office to discuss employment discrimination and harassment issues before they become disputes or claims, in order to effectively manage, mitigate or avoid legal exposure. CE Smith Law Firm will help your Company develop and implement policies prohibiting discrimination and harassment in employment; will train your management team to enforce these policies and will help your Company respond timely and effectively to any claim of harassment or discrimination.