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Finding California Employment Law to be a legal mine field?

Do you want to reduce the risk of litigation by opportunistic employees who claim to be victims and their attorneys in California?

Did you know that California’s employment laws often exceed federal requirements, exposing California employers to increased liability, damages and penalties?

Is Your Human Resources professional knowledgeable about California’s employment laws? Could your company’s Human Resources Department benefit from legal support and guidance?

Managers that mistakenly use “intuition” to navigate through California’s “pro-employee” laws and regulations, are placing their companies on a collision course, inviting intrusive, government investigation and costly, even ruinous litigation.

CE Smith Law Firm will help you verify corporate compliance with California’s employment laws and assist with litigation risk reduction, with an emphasis on preservation of your company’s values, culture and your peace of mind.

  • Thorough, top-down training from management to hourly employees.
  • Strategic legal support and guidance for your executive staff and Human Resources Dept. in all areas of employment and labor law including union avoidance.
  • Development and implementation of handbooks, policies, procedures, best practices and corrective action plans.
  • Vigorous legal representation in response to and in defense of California or federal government claims.
  • Review and analysis of your California employment policies, practices and procedures to reduce the risk of loss.