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Attorney, Clifton E. Smith has extensive Employer Defense experience. Attorney Smith protects the legal rights of employers and their management team in defense of litigation or state-federal administrative inquiries. CE Smith Law Firm also assists in the development of comprehensive employment policies as well as the early resolution of all employer-related disputes.

At CE Smith Law Firm, we start with the proposition that the most effective employer defense strategy includes an effort to resolve the dispute before it ever reaches the courtroom.  However, in the event that these employment disputes do end up in the courtroom, we offer skilled employer defense representation for you and your management team in both state and federal courts.

In addition to employer defense in a court of law, CE Smith Law Firm also represents employers against intrusive and intimidating investigations by state and federal agencies, such as the US Department of Labor (DOL), or the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE), or the Fair Employment Housing Authority (FEHA) to name just a few.

CE Smith Law Firm also offers strategic guidance, training, support and even confidential self-audits of your business practices, wherever and whenever needed.  This support and guidance will help your firm identify, address and resolve issues in a proactive manner, in an effort to avoid litigation or claims and inquiries by state or federal agencies.

Our employer defense services include but are not limited to:

Discrimination, harassment and retaliation lawsuits typically involve sizable claims for compensatory damages, punitive damages and attorneys fees.

Class action, wage and hour lawsuits can present significant, financial exposure to multi-million dollar employee wage claims depending upon various factors such as the size of the employee class, its unique attributes, the nature of the claims, and the period for which such class claims are made, among other factors.

The legal defense services provided by CE Smith Law firm will help your management team remain focused on your business operation, minimizing the distraction and disruption caused by employment claims and lawsuits.

Information All Employers Must Know:

  • Did you know you, your executive staff and/or your management team may be individually liable for a sexual harassment claim?
  • Did you know that if you retaliate in response to a discrimination claim, even if the claim is found to be false, you could still be liable for the retaliation?
  • Did you know your business could be liable for failure to promptly investigate and remedy claims of discrimination or harassment?

Don’t Let an Employee Claim or Lawsuit Ruin Your Company. Speak With An Employer Defense Attorney Today!