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The Union Threat – A Loss of Control: A union threatens your organization with a loss of control over the direction and management of your Company, as the union seeks to unionize your employees for the union’s own, financial gain. For the last decade, from Fortune 100 Corporations to the smallest companies, I have personally helped countless employers throughout the United States remain union-free. CE Smith Law Firm will partner with your organization to make sure that the union does not take control of your business.

Legal Representation in Elections Conducted by the NLRB: CE Smith Law Firm will protect your Company’s legal rights at each stage of the election process, from the day that the union files a Petition to request an election conducted by the National Labor Relations Board, through the Labor Board’s count of the employees’ ballots on election day, to any post-election challenges or Charges, that may be filed by either the union or the employer with the National Labor Relations Board, for alleged campaign misconduct by either side.

Winning, Counter-Union Campaigns: Working with your Company’s management team, CE Smith Law Firm will develop and implement a winning, campaign strategy to defeat the union. CE Smith Law Firm will prepare all campaign materials for reference and use by employees and management, train your management team to exercise the employer’s right to oppose unionization by all legal means and also meet with your employees to lawfully persuade them that it is in their best interest to remain union-free.

Union Prevention: Especially in an economic downturn with the loss of thousands of union jobs, the union’s paid organizers are constantly in search of new and stable income sources for the union. As a result, it is possible that your Company may be targeted for union organizing. It is critical to remain pro-active, to prevent the union from gaining a foothold in your organization. CE Smith Law Firm offers you a variety of services, including supervisor and employee training and development, to insure that your Company remains union-free.

The Employee Free Choice Act: Passage of an anticipated law may soon change the labor landscape of the United States. This new law if passed, The Employee Free Choice Act, will make it extremely easy to unionize your Company. This law, if passed, will allow your employees to become unionized without your prior knowledge and without an election. Smaller employers will be likely targets of future union organizing activity under the Act. That is why it is important for your Company and your management team to prepare now. Your staff needs to understand how union organizing begins and what that activity looks like once it is underway. Supervisors need training and guidance to insure that they properly and legally express your Company’s preference to remain union-free as well as understand the importance of a union-free workforce. Employees must be trained to recognize and understand the union’s empty and misleading promises that the union makes to employees to gain their support.

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