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Strategic Guidance For Employers

CE Smith Law Firm will partner with your Company’s management team, offering strategic guidance to help create and develop the policies, procedures and training structure your Company needs to remain labor law compliant and union-free.

Labor lawsuits and union formations can be costly to your business both in the amount of time it takes to remedy these situations as well as the monetary impacts it can have on your business. The best course of action for matters of employer/employee disputes is preparation and prevention before the occurrence takes place.

Our Strategic Guidance services include:

• Real-time legal advice and strategic guidance on request, when your Company needs to respond immediately and appropriately to an employment issue to avoid a crisis.

• A thorough review of your Company’s current Human Resources – Labor Relations policies, practices, procedures and protocols, with analysis and proposed, corrective plans to address deficiencies or perceived needs.

• Development of employee handbooks, policies and procedures, appropriately identifying and describing key issues, such as your Company’s “at-will” employment policy, pre-employment screening protocols, drug-free workplace and drug-testing policy, anti-discrimination and harassment prevention policies, leave policies, pay practices, and much more.

• Supervisor training and development on such vital issues as prevention of harassment and discrimination in employment, appropriate investigation and response to complaints of harassment and discrimination.

• Guidance on the appropriate steps for the recognition, response and prevention of all union organizing activity.

For any questions surrounding labor law best practices, policies, procedures and employee management, please contact CE Smith Labor Law for more information.