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In two separate and stunning defeats for the Teamsters, a majority of drivers at both Regional Transport Express and Central Alliance Corp. voted against Teamsters representation, in two separate secret ballot elections conducted by the National Labor Relations Board.  The Board has certified the results in case nos.: 31-RC-8677 and 31-RC-8678.

Employer defense attorney and labor relations consultant, Clifton Smith, SPHR, of CE Smith Law Firm, partnered with management, conducted all persuader activities and helped engineer the victories.  These employers were able to defeat the union because they acted decisively and delivered a clear, convincing message to their employees.  This was no small achievement.

These campaigns are about more than exposing the union’s empty promises.  To defeat the union and win an election requires a strategic plan with at least two fundamental components.  First, an employer must quickly identify the underlying issues that led employees to consider the union. Second, once the employer lawfully identifies the significant, underlying issues, the employer must then focus on engaging, educating and empowering employees to give them a real choice.

Before any employee decides to vote “NO” union, the employee must first understand and believe that he/she has been heard, that the dialogue will improve and that the employer will be more responsive to the employees’ issues and concerns in the future.  To develop and effectively deliver these messages requires timely, strategic assistance by an experienced labor relations professional.   An employer must obtain such assistance and support if it hopes to defeat the union.

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